Exercises for weight loss — home exercise program

exercise for weight loss

I believe that each of us realize how good having a healthy toned body! Yet most of the people at this aim, however, it happens that the real situation is always far away from this.

Gain too many pounds during pregnancy, stay in a state of prolonged stress time, the "harmful" snacks at work, the lack of a balanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle — all this causes the weight to grow, and then arises the need to find something that will help you to rediscover the harmony, beauty and health.

One of the fundamental rules in such a situation is the increase of physical exercise.

A programme of exercises suitable for You?

Fat burning is started, and to lose weight fast, you need to not only take effective exercises, but to choose in such a way that they answered the level of training and have been directed to the resolution of a specific problem. However, if you want to lose excess weight in a single area, it's not worth to do only for her.

The most effective will be the exercises to lose weight throughout the body, only with a focus on the most problematic area. Do not overdo it with the load or perform exercises that you simply do not like it — it is quick to discourage any desire to engage, not allowing you to see, at least as remarkable results.

A series of exercises for your body:

aerobics for weight loss
  1. Shaping — this series of exercises, certainly review your picture. And thanks to its movements dance + aerobics, you will be able in a short time to get rid of their problem areas. Movements very quick, so fit, energetic girls, dedicated to the fast result.
  2. Pilates is the safest way of exercise complex, which is suitable for all. It consists of slow movements of traction. And aim to workout abdominal, pelvic, and also the back. perfect for this series of exercises for pregnant women and mothers.
  3. Ftness ball is a set of exercises with a bigger ball. This complex will help get rid of fat and strengthen the muscles.
  4. Belly dance — this complex is ideal for all lovers of oriental motifs. Doing oriental dance regularly, you can easily buy elegant appearance and get rid of excess fat. And promoting this will be the one that the main load of this complex exercise focuses on the hips and abdominals.

By selecting a series of exercises and regularly them will not only lose weight and improve your figure, but and improve your mood, become more stress.

TOP-7 — Effective exercises to lose weight at home without sports equipment

Among the infinite variety, there are most effective exercises. Impressive results to reach in a short time it is possible to include in its program the following:

running for weight loss
  1. The race is simple and accessible sport, usa most of the major muscle groups. In addition, it allows you to develop coordination, ease, and mobility, has an effect that is meditative, that allows you to get rid of stress and helps you lose weight fast.
  2. Fast walking is an alternative to the escape, it is especially important for beginner runners, the preparation that does not allow you to proceed to escape. Regular trainings ensure burn fat and, in the future, allow you to go for a run.
  3. Jump — guarantee rapid loss of weight. Can be performed with the rope (common, on one leg, etc.). But they can be performed without the use of any inventory: from the squat position, with the circumference in the knees with the hands and so on
  4. Strap — includes any highly effective exercise program. It is an exercise helps keep the muscles in the body and limbs in good shape. Recycling of the whole body in work, the belt has many changes: the arms, the hands, the side, with raised.
  5. Push-ups. Without them, lose weight not looking for no man who is able to release the weight. In addition, as the belt, push-ups involving the major muscle groups, the more make the breasts more expressive and tense.
  6. Squat — allow you to work the muscles of the buttocks, back of thighs, back, abdominal. In particular, it is worth to highlight the variation of an exercise squats, with widely divorced and knees, when the body is in a plan — it is a way for weight loss in an issue of thighs very effective. Mahi kicks — available in different variants for slimming thighs and buttocks, sitting, lying on your side, from the position on all fours.

Recommendations and rules for the execution of exercises for weight loss

Truly fruitful will be the execution of the physical exercise when you follow some rules and strict implementation of the recommendations. Without them, fat burning simply does not start, and some allow you to increase the effect and reach areas forms only in a shorter time.

  • All courses, whether running, training, fitness, dance and more, require warm-up. This will prepare the muscles, ligaments and joints, heat, that reduces to a minimum the likelihood of injury.
  • The training must be intense, but still quite gently. In week 3-4 times is sufficient, so that the body received the load necessary to force the body to say goodbye to the extra pounds, and then had the chance to recover.
  • The minimum the pause between series 30 sec. and ' enough. But not to give up all to be a bit of a rest, it will only lead to rapid depletion of the body (physical, moral), which leads to stagnation in training or in general their complete cessation. But regularity is the key to success in losing weight.
  • The exercises need to drink water, but only for a little bit — one or two sips will be enough. Water speeds up metabolism and therefore burning the fats too.
  • The proper running technique — the key to success. If you do not meet this rule, exercises to use will not do, and still can cause damage — lead to injury.
  • Will not give results (even if these will be the most effective) exercises, when to eat, what to horrible, without any unreasonable amount. Is not available due to diet, rapid weight loss, but to adjust the menu and mode of supply must still more similar to recommended by nutritionists option.
  • The exercise should be performed, after at least an hour after meals. After completing the lessons, it costs you nothing to have 2 hours, because the process of fat burning still occurs in the body. The violation of this rule allows you to lose weight quickly.
  • If you train to add still dancing, jogging or swimming, this will help you greatly speed up the process of weight loss.

15 the most effective exercises

Exercises to burn fat on the belly

The most requested among women exercises for slimming the abdomen, especially after the birth of the child.

  • Sitting on the floor, lift the other leg (the tibia parallel to the floor), the hands pull along this line, the body when it is bent a little bit towards the floor. Hold for as long as possible in this phase, gradually increasing the time.
  • The strap, with the arms (hands outstretched to advanced). Press and hold the 90 h.
Exercises for buttocks and thighs
  • Standing on all four legs, raise the leg straight upward, repeat for the second. Below are repeats, but, the leg bending the knee.
  • The Squat, when the legs widely willing — knees breeding in hand. Important is widely dissolve your knees, and keep your eye out for cash remained direct, as if the whole body is located between two floors, and moves strictly up-and-down.
The exercises for the belly and hips
  • The combination of shots of the scene with the bike. In supine position, squeeze the chest with a knee, the body to raise him on the appointment (the hands behind the head). The following is from the other side.
  • The bar side, resting on your forearm. In a more complex edition, is a focus on the outstretched hand, the second side facing upwards.

These exercises for weight loss and many other even large quantities are available to view on the web. This will help your home to check the correctness of execution.

Exercises for the legs

There are exercises that make the legs seductive and irresistible. Here are the ones that allow to obtain the desired result:

  • Lunges vered. Important for the thigh, which goes forward parallel to the floor and the knee to form a right angle.
  • Lifting of the pelvis. Position: lie on your back, foot to the floor to the width of the shoulders. The pelvis need to raise as high as possible.
Exercises for the hands

On your hands also very important exercises for women because it is quite problematic in the area of a female figure.

  • Push-ups — data on the most effective exercises and involve many muscles, giving the benefit the hands, but also other parts of the body. Beginners can perform the exercise from the wall. The elbows to try to withhold the body.
  • Leaning back on a stable surface with your hands (for example by placing in a constant-chair), perform push-ups. The hands, it is necessary to reduce as close as possible.
Exercises for a life

The exercises for the belly give you the slim waist and a silhouette more attractive and elegant. Effective exercises for this:

  • Lie on your back and keep your legs straight up in the 15-20 cm above the floor. Important for the back in contact with the floor.
  • Twists apart. Straight into the walk, the hands to reduce the front of the chest, and "peek" behind the back, with the breath, lengthening the spine upwards, and with the exhalation shot even more.
Exercises for the face
  • Exercise for the analysis of the face: more than inflate the cheeks and linger on for 2-3 account; release the air, fold their arms, and stretching her lips the pipe; and after you widely smile.
  • Work the corners of the mouth, the high, lifting the cheeks to the eyes, and stay in 5-7 seconds, so I do 2 times for 15 repetitions.
Exercises for the chest
  • Standing or sitting with the back straight (the loins does not bend), hands folded in front of chest (reminiscent of the gesture of namaste yoga). Then with a circular motion to bring the shoulders back and reduce shoulder blades together. In this position, with the power to exercise a pressure on each other palms of the hands. It is possible to apply the ball, holding hands.