Lose weight for the company. How dangerous is online-marathons for systems of weight?

In the Network, are gaining more and more popularity, marathons, weight loss. What is the negative side of gambling to pursue ideal forms.

The attractiveness online-marathons to lose weight that are available to all. The participation in some projects for free. In others it is required a small fee, but the winners we promise you a solid cash prizes. In addition to the dream figure. The essence of the project is about the same. A man enters in a group, which leads the curator: often, the trainer, a psychologist, or simply a man that has managed to lose weight and intends to pursue her experience. To the participants each day is posted a video with exercises for the workouts, and the instructions for the nutrition. The duty of "marathoners", because, for every day photo and video reports and send to the organizers. Who will perform all the tasks, reached the quarter-finals, and for those who vote for more of the other participants, becomes the winner.

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At first glance seductive. If you do not have the strength of will to do sports and eat properly, you can make use of the "stick" in the form of an online coach, who will lead. In addition to this in this gambling situation triggered the effect of competition and competition. The desire to prove that you're no better or worse than others. Another advantage of the collective loss of weight: with the comrades of "misfortune", you can share experiences, ask for advice, get moral support.

However, this weight loss method is not suitable for everyone.

What are the errors it is not worth to make the potential participants of the marathon online?

  • Participate in a marathon without prior consultation with the doctor. In fairness, it should be noted that the organizers of some of the projects give you the recommendation to visit a doctor before the beginning of the lessons. It is desirable to do, and to those who believe it to be healthy. Many people simply do not know that they have problems or disorders that do not allow you to play these games. Absolutely can not participate in these marathons, people with diabetes, obesity, second-and third-degree (these people, even with the squats can cause injury to joints), and other chronic diseases.
  • Believe the fantastic promises. "For 2 weeks, you can lose weight 10 kg". Or: "After the end of the marathon you buy a perfect figure". In fact, it very much depends on what kind of weight it was the man in the first place. If it is too large, it is unlikely that for a month you will be able to lose weight until the normal indicators. But this is just dangerous. You have to understand that if the weight goes very fast, which means that, very probably, unbalanced diet, is extremely low calorie content. Strong and rapid weight loss still dangerous, and what you get is usually due to the loss of muscle mass. Also, if the man has started playing sports, the first weight may also increase, and not decrease, because it will be actively to form the muscle tissue, and muscle is heavier than fat.
  • Do not pay attention to his or her discomfort during the participation in the marathon. "If the joint pain increases, swelling of the extremities during training, change in the heartbeat (usually patients describe this in a figurative sense: "the heart is beating like a bird in a cage"), or if you experience other manifestations of deterioration of well-being, courses to stop smoking, and consult a doctor.
  • After completing the marathon go back to the old feeding regime (with sandwiches, pastries and sausages) and forget the exercise." In this case, the previous pounds will come back. And it is not excluded that with a vengeance. This does not mean that it is necessary for the whole life sit on a low-calorie diet and torture themselves in the gym. The reached result is necessary to maintain a balanced diet and reasonable physical activity.
  • It is possible and it is not possible to
  • Do not consider your own personality. "Usually, these outdoor events, where the participants swap between their personal information, to spread the photos of the social network, are extroverts, i.e. people who can openly declare themselves, to present themselves, show the results, including is not of the best, along with live with others, with strangers. If you are this kind of people don't feel, it is better to not even start to participate. You, or drops the race at the beginning of the path, or enjoy such a psychological stress, that block also can benefit from the lessons.
  • It is naive to believe that a coach or the organisers are never any responsibility for their actions", for example, if participants have health problems. Because the people, the leader line-marathons, usually, do not have a medical education, their activity is not licensed and is not adjustable. And so the question with their corresponding.
  • Hope that the coach will select the diet, suitable in particular for you. "Usually, the nutritional recommendations are standard and are quite common, for example, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should include in the daily diet the media entity. Diet individual can make only a specialist (doctor-nutritionist) after a personal visit and, preferably, an in-depth examination of the patient. Diet because it varies depending on the main goal of man: to lose weight, maintain weight, build muscle mass, etc. in this Regard, to calculate the personal needs of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates each person can alone, without a coach-mentor.
  • Does not take account of the characteristics of wellbeing in a given day." Run the workout through the pain and the strength can be dangerous. For example, women with heavy periods the first 2-3 days are not recommended high physical activity.
  • Not caring of preparation, formation, certificates, the organizers of the marathon", the consultants, the reviews about them on the internet. You must understand: it is not enough to play in a game of chance, he trusts these people with their health. For example, most of us prefer to give the car in for repair to professionals, why this indifference?
  • It's not worth being tempted rewards in the form of plastic surgery of the breast and with a smile", which proposes a number of marathons. Because a person can be initially good external data. But, trusting to the organizers of the project, that this is the way they sell and advertise this type of cosmetic services, man, seeing himself in front of a "attractive carrots", he begins to wonder: maybe they need him too, and perhaps artificially breasts redone, it is good and right? All prizes must be more human and neutral.