How to lose weight a man in the house, without damage to health.

The excess weight has become a problem of the generation and concern not only women, but also men. The main advantage for the men who throw extra pounds for them is much easier than the girls.

How to lose weight a man in the house

For the proper discharge of weight there are rules to follow. Not all are in agreement tiring to swing and build muscle, then you can start with a correct style of life:

To lose weight, you must not die of hunger. The calorie content of the food – an important moment with the weight reduction, but the lack of some elements can lead to a deterioration of the metabolism in the body. This will be the cause of a bad metabolism, and the food is transformed not into energy and new fat. Fasting is not necessary, it is better to divide the daily consumption of 4-5 techniques and eat every 2-3 hours.

Go to bed on time, do not sit in front of the tv or the computer. Most effective recovery of vitality happens with the 11 in the evening, try this time to sleep.

Don't eat a lot of food – this causes the dilation of the stomach, and a stronger sense of hunger. The saturation arrives to 15 minutes after the meal, then get up from the table in need of a bit of hunger.

Forget the beer and other alcohol, the smoke. These factors are very slow down the process of weight loss.


The motivation

The desire to change your body – is the most important step on the road to harmony. You can buy special fat burners and dietary supplements, and put home an exercise bike, but without a specific purpose not to last long. Motivation the perfect body need to do not less than top quality exercise program, or diet. Each guy has to determine for themselves, that will move her toward the goal, usually, is:

  • an example of some athlete bodybuilding;
  • specific weight indicator (for example, 70-75 kg);
  • the desire to please a girl;
  • get in the ball costume, etc.

All the weight loss methods necessarily rely on their own strength of will. When the guy is not enough to abandon the flour, the liquor, and you talk about lack of motivation. The first step towards a beautiful figure – a strong desire to change your body, and a maximum exposure. All the other stages of weight reduction become a catalyst: exercise, diet, giving up bad habits.


The power supply will be the main direction in the field of weight loss at par with sporting loads of work. Reduction of the number of calories will lead to the fact that the excess food will not be deposited in the form of adipose tissue, and the man will begin to lose weight. This does not mean that you have to starve yourself, men diet is very different from the female. The metabolism of the body of a guy above, compared to women, the need for energy also. There are several variants of the diet for half of the strong:

Humilis-carbo diet. This diet for kids is designed for rapid combustion of fat. Are introduced serious restrictions on food, excluding nearly all flour-based, it remains only boiled meat, cereals, and grains. It is not recommended to men, while cooking use salt, spices. A long time sitting on it is not possible, because the resources of the body depleted. There is a lot of contraindications for this way.

Proteins the diet. Designed to retain muscle mass, which is often used by athletes during drying (maximum fat reduction with the maintenance of the muscles). In the diet which includes meat, poultry, eggs, cereals and dairy products (cheese, yogurt), which contains a lot of protein. Excluding all of the flour, dull, fatty and fried products, bakery products.

The classical diet. The essence consists in the removal of harmful products and increase the consumption of water, vegetables, fruit. Main task is to reduce the calorie intake to the calorie consumption does not exceed their costs.



As a general rule, the representatives of the stronger sex in front of a increased physical activities, so they need energy. For this reason, products for weight loss do not have strict limits.

The feeding programme for boys is divided into the different categories of product: under close on-hook (red);

valid only for lunch (yellow);

allowed without limits (green).


To this category belong those food products that it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet. Not work for lose weight fast and achieve the desired results, if not it withdraws from the mayonnaise, milk, fast-food, alcoholic beverages, fats, yeast, desserts, ice cream, food too fat (French fries, red meat, etc.). All of these foods will contribute to weight gain.


This group includes options that you can eat, but in small quantities and only up to 2-3 hours per day. The body man still needs a certain amount of carbohydrates to maintain the required power reserve. You can, before lunch, to eat sweet fruit, pasta, dried fruit, sausage, dietary meat (poultry, beef, turkey, lamb), savory baked goods, chocolate, and ricotta.


In this category there are no limits, this group constitutes the main part of the diet.

Included are:

  • liquid acidum-lac production;
  • fruits of the sea;
  • vegetables;
  • the eggs;
  • buckwheat;
  • apples;
  • currants.

The tool for weight loss

This is more food supplements, pills or drinks that can help mitigate the feeling of hunger and lose weight. It can be divided by all means to so many groups:

  • Supplements for sport. Are used to maintain muscle mass, increase endurance and energy reserves. In some cases, play the role of a full meal, if you're at work, and prepare for something useful is not possible. This can be attributed to a protein, creatine. Does not contain fat, carbohydrates, and other harmful elements that contribute to weight gain.
  • Pills to suppress appetite. It is more hard means, that blunts the sense of hunger, reducing the number of calories for the day. The intake of such medicines should be agreed with the nutritionist.
  • Vitamins. In some cases, poor digestion associated with the lack of trace elements and mineral substances. Vitamin complexes can help improve the metabolism and, in general, will have a positive effect on the body.

Exercises at home

To weigh less, it is not necessary to go to the gym. There are special exercises that you can perform even in a studio. The main goal of these workouts – increase the HEART rate (heart rate) and start the process of burning fat. Lose weight with the help of strength training is not obtained, then, a further aggravation is not necessary. The house you can do the following exercises:

  • Jumping on the rope. Regular morning lessons with this trainer will help you get enough load anaerobic, to increase your metabolism. For each lesson, enough for 20 minutes of jumping (with breaks).
  • BERPI. An effective exercise, which includes the work of a large number of groups of muscles and provides tangible cardio burden. In a standing position is exactly the same опускаетесь on the heels, the hands doing the fulcrum of the floor, then do a thrust kick back, occupying a position of push-ups. Flexion, back in a squatting position and then up she jumps, banging his head over the hands. This is one repetition, do these need to be 10-15 in a loop, which should be 2-3.

How to lose weight

When you decide to change their appearance, do not forget that in any case you should try to half. Lose weight a man is easier, but the reduction of mass should be no more than 4 kg per month, in order not to create for the body than a stressful situation. Too rapid a decline can not affect the operation of some systems. The diet must not be too severe, strong refusal from proteins, carbohydrates lead to migraines, general weakness, affect the activity of the brain and of the state in general.

The best option would be sixteenths of food intake, the total amount of food should be divided into 5-6 techniques for the day. Losing weight will be easier, if the body does not feel a sense of hunger. Without doing sports does not work, if the guy wants a beautiful body. Unlike girls, boys, it is not enough to be thin, it must be muscular. Losing weight is easier with the help of running, gym, intense anaerobic loads: exercise bike, treadmill. circular training course.

25 years

Age really matters for weight loss, because the metabolic processes they deteriorate over time and losing weight becomes more difficult. Lose weight in 25 years, you can quickly and without difficulty.

Perform some simple guidelines, which are described below:

Reduction of carbohydrate intake.

To lose weight, give up the sweet and fat (cookies, cakes, muffins). The young body easily reconcile well with the rest of the food, periodically, it is possible to eat the pasta, but give preference to buckwheat, oatmeal. Tobacco and alcohol should be excluded. Dinner must be no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Increased physical activity will help to accelerate the metabolic processes. Well for these purposes is suited to jogging in the open air, circular workout in the gym. It is important to increase the costs of calories per day in order to have passed the arrival along with the food.

Will help you lose weight rest. Try to go to bed at 23.00, avoid strong emotional experiences, stress.

In 30 years

If necessary, you can lose half a kilo a week, if you just have to cut the number of calories consumed. Lose weight in 30 years is not easy, because the speed of metabolism are still at a high level. The cause of weight gain, usually, is in reducing the physical activity, then, you need to start practicing a sport. It is not necessary to go for 4-5 times at the gym for a workout, to start losing weight is possible with regular walks in the open air, 40-60 minutes. Then you should switch to running for 15-20 minutes.

Usually, to lose weight, you need to cut days diet to 500-600 calories and the weight will start to decrease. Not diet clean meat, but it should start to cook to the steam, or bake. The lion's share of calories that a person receives from sweets (cookies, candy, baked goods), then it must reduce its consumption of more. The combination of a proper diet and moderate exercise will help you lose weight to 4-6 kg per month.


In 40 years

By the time all the processes of the human body begin to slow down. For this reason, lose weight at 40 years old is more difficult than before. Last but not least the role played by the hormonal changes that lead to the crisis of middle age. Often becomes the cause of dissatisfaction to the men with her body and figure. With a sharp change of style of live life is not always positive, and therefore, the process is necessary to proceed by stages:

The sport serves necessarily. The intensity of training depends on the initial training, if it's been a long break, you should start with the journey. When you feel that you have stopped gasping with this, you can go jogging. Daily jogging to burn off the excess calories consumed. If you want to, you can do workout in the fitness room: exercise bike, the circular weight training. It is always important to monitor your HEART rate, to not load the vascular system.

The power supply should be balanced. It is recommended that you reduce the amount of fried foods to a minimum. All other points coincide with the characteristics listed above: more fruits and vegetables, less starchy foods and sweets.


How to lose weight in the abdomen

This is the main problem area, where it accumulates excess body fat. Women often suffer from the legs and buttocks, while men think that how to remove belly fat. Beginners mistakenly believe that it is possible to lose weight in a particular sector. Lose weight abdominal works only in the case of weight reduction. To get a nice and daily contacts, should be actively engaged in sports.

Eating should be so, for the base elements have behaved in the following proportions:

  • carbohydrates – 30%;
  • fats – 20%
  • proteins – 50%.

Include in the diet of cereals, fresh fruit, vegetables and wholemeal bread. Remember that in the case of a reduction in calories, the amount of fat will begin to decrease, but the body does not look sporty. Sports will help bring the muscles, to maintain muscle mass. It is recommended to work the whole body, but in particular for the formation of the belly using the following exercises:

  • classic twist;
  • the foldings side;
  • exercise "cue";
  • the exercise with the wheel.

Perform the exercises you need to until the muscles begin to "burn". Only in this way can manage to lose weight and pumping out beautiful, smooth belly. Increase the number of series and repetitions gradually so that the muscles become accustomed to the loads. A healthy diet and active physical exercise can help you lose excess weight and already after a couple of months you'll be wearing clothes a couple of sizes less.


How to lose weight in the gym

In the gym, all of the conditions for a complete workout for weight loss. This is the second main component for the weight loss (before ignition). A variety of sports equipment and shells will help you to choose the best program. Lose weight in the gym make cardio and training for circular method. After the warm-up you can do on a treadmill for beginners, you can use the following scheme:

  • In the first phase. 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes walking distance. The duration of 15-20 minutes.
  • In the second phase. 2 minute run 1 minute walk. The duration of 15-20 minutes.
  • In the third phase. 5 minute run 1 minute walk. The duration of 20-25 minutes
  • Step 4. The race without stopping for 20-30 minutes.
  • Step 5. Prolong the duration of the race staff capacity.

Helpful to perform a circular formation. The principle is that you take 5-6 simple exercises for the various muscle groups, and is performing their contract without respite. For the training necessary to perform 3-5 rounds, between which the stay is no more than 2-3 minutes. This is a great way to lose weight, if you want to spend for the sport no more than 40 minutes (including warm-up).