Gymnastics slimming


The whole day was a success, it is necessary to start it in the morning with offers numerous services, among which – for example, with a smile at his own reflection in the mirror. But what to do if "image" is not happy, the folds of fat visible to the naked eye, but the money, the time and the desire to go to the gym no?

Excellent output, it will be easy gymnastics slimming it won't take much time, but allows you to "pull" the figure to make it more streamlined and more orderly. What exercises are most effective, how they perform and what are the rules to remember, physical exercise? This speech goes on.

What you need to know about this exercise

The coaches in the different countries actively argue that gymnastics is better for weight loss: some argue that the exercise is necessary not less than an hour, while others focus on cardio or weight-lifting sports. However, the complex offers several different programs advantages:

  • he is taking into consideration the "basic problem" of the muscle, but does not cause excessive tiredness;
  • gymnastics takes about half an hour a day, and to run at a convenient time;
  • no need to buy special devices or sports equipment;
  • do can people with different levels of physical preparation.

If you have a chronic disease of the joints, the heart, the diabetes, the high degree of obesity, before starting the training, consult a doctor. In the case of pain, reduce the intensity of a workout or cancellation.

Please note that in order to perform complex should be on a regular basis: in this case, the muscles become more strong, more strong, but not amazingly. The adipose tissue gradually "dissolve" (to feed the muscles even at rest requires energy). For the lessons they have brought the maximum benefit, follow simple tips. In the first place, the regular power supply: reduce the amount of fat, sweets, or fried foods. Add to the diet more protein, green. Drink at least two liters of water.

It is important to do every day, only in weekends you can have indulgence. The time for the workouts to choose from depending on your program, but not earlier than forty minutes after meals and not later than half an hour before her. Try not to eat after the workout.

Start with a minimum number of repetitions, and only after gradually add the load.

Where to start gymnastics slimming

The lessons have benefited you, and not because of an injury, you must warm up your muscles before doing physical exercise. To do this, perform a warm-up. It takes three to five minutes, however, allows you to prepare the muscles for intense work.

Exercise The "Airone"

Taking a posture straight, step in a single place. Knees raised high and your arms bent at the elbows should move freely and actively. The gaze is forward. Do 60-100 steps.


Lie on your back, legs bent at the knee. Arms folded on the belly. Tighten the abdominal muscles (in this case, put pressure on their hands), then relax. Repeat 20-30 times.

Energetic mahi hands

Alternatively, a hand that goes forward, the second one, and then dilute the hands. Do not forget to maintain the posture. Repeat mahi 15-20 times for each hand.


To become a member of straight ahead, hands on the belt. Fold in side, then forward and back: 15-20 times in each direction.


The best gymnastics slimming

Many believe that the most effective morning exercises for weight loss, however, perform the exercises at any time of the day. The main thing – to withstand a pause between one exercise and the meals, but also obtain muscle joy from every movement.

Exercise for weight loss belly and hips

Exercise n ° 1

Lie on the floor on your back, the palm of the hand interlock in the castle on the nape of the neck. Bend the legs at the knees, the rest in wood. Lift during expiration, the upper part of the trunk, trying to get the elbows and the knees. At the highest point to fix the position for two-three seconds, and inhale slowly go down. 30-45 time for 2-3 approach.

Exercise n ° 2

Sit on a bench or chair, hands on the belt or in a castle on the nape of the neck. Found in part, may be a little tilted to the side. Repeat 30-50 times, 2-3 approach.

Exercise n ° 3

Lie down on the floor, approach him lumbar lunch. Bend your knees and arms to the height of the elbows, connecting the palm of the hand to the back of the head. Inhaling, raise the pelvis, head, arms, and shoulders. At the top of a fixed point, as you exhale slowly relax and get down. 30-45 time for 2-3 approach.

Effective exercise for weight loss legs


Take a large step forward, each foot alternately, by bending the knees and shifting the body weight on the front foot. Please note that the thigh of this leg should be parallel to the floor. For 30-60 times on each leg for 2-3 approach.

Side lunges

Become a member straight with feet to keep together. Alternatively, make a large step in the direction of, the crouching and trying to get hold of palms on the floor.


The exercise that will help you put in order the hips. Become a member straight, the heel will pinch together, and stockings expand as much as possible. Slowly flex (the knees must be sent to the side) while maintaining an upright posture.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks at home


From the standing position slowly lower your pelvis down, until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 40-80 time.

Buttock pontem

Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, rest, walk in the wood and the hands to pull straight along the trunk. By stretching the abdominal muscles and buttocks to lift the pelvis until the belly and the legs do not form a straight line. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then slowly lower. 15-30 times for 2-3 approach.


Lie on your back, you clasp your hands for a knee, pull it towards your chest. Stay in this position for a minute. Perform 10-12 times for each leg (for 1-2 approach).


Gymnastics for the back and arms

Declines in inverse

To develop the triceps do push-ups reverse: press with hands on the bench, and socks to the feet – on a wall or other support. Slowly lower your torso, bending your arms. Repeat 20-40 times, 2-3 approach.

Parallel pull

Get on all fours. Slowly straighten one arm and the opposite leg, extending the first straight line. At the highest point to fix the position for a minute and a half. Repeat ten times.

Jumping "The Star"

Stand up, hands spread them apart. Bounce, making of cotton over the head, and widely spread legs. Repeat 30-60 times for 2-3 approach.

For such gymnastics, slimming fast, gave its results, to end each lesson exercise. It is better to perform stretching exercises: the lenses tilt forward with a touch of the palms facing the floor, static poses, pulling a particular muscle group. This helps to soothe muscles, restore the heart rate.